Vanessa & A.A’s Story: My CASA Made a Big Impact in My Life

To start off with, I think my CASA worker is a good role model to me. I think this because she goes to college and has a good job. She gets her work done and anything that has to do with her education or her priorities, she also has a car and to me that’s a big responsibility. She also knows when to have fun. She is a super caring, nice, thoughtful person and really fun to hang out with. Anyways, moving on to the impact she has made in my life. She has made a big impact in my life because I would just be stuck at home all day and I think she really cares about my life. To be more clear: my future and my education. Another way she has made an impact is her being a good role model to me. By this I mean I have another person to look up to and follow the good choices she has made. On the other hand, I think the best part of having a CASA worker is having another person to support me in life and guide me through life’s challenges.



D’s Story: CASA was a Change in My Life

Getting introduced to my CASA was a change in my life. Before my CASA, my life was a bridge ready to break down. Coming from a home with strictly religious parents and know nothing about the rebel behind their backs…coming from a home where there’s nothing but verbal abuse, and sometimes physical abuse… having to fight in school, and home, and basically everywhere so that nobody could hurt me. And also being mentally self-destructive. I was in the foster care system for a while before I met my CASA, and for a while I didn’t really like to have weekly visits with her because it was something new and strange to me. But as time flies I started learning new strategies on how to communicate with others with respect, how to have fun and interact with people, and also how to stick up for myself when things went wrong. CASA made a really big change in my life and if it weren’t for them, I would be where I am now making progress and being successful. Thank you.


IMG_0620A’s Story: What it’s like to Have a CASA

What it’s like to have a CASA… it’s like a friend who cares about you and what’s better for you. It’s like a parent but a friend to go out with. Especially my CASA, and her entertaining ideas. She shows me having a CASA not only gives someone to talk to, but it gives me a voice. This voice is me. To me, my voice is important, and your voice is important to you.