Attend a CASA of San Benito County Information Session where you can learn in person about our program and how to become an advocate! For details regarding upcoming Information Sessions please contact Esther at 831-637-4992.

Trainings are held in Hollister using the National CASA curriculum

Click here for details about the role of an advocate, the training process, and our program parameters.

San Benito County NEEDS:
1. There are approximately 70 children currently in San Benito County’s Juvenile Dependency System.
2. Children need deeper connections to their community. Advocates will facilitate connections in the community; make certain proper visits are taking place, connect children with appropriate resources, and support the team from the Health and Human Services Department in prioritizing the needs of the children.
3. Siblings removed from the home sometimes are placed separately from each other. A CASA works to bring these children together on a regular basis.
4. With changes in living situations, communities, and schools, foster children rarely have consistent adults in their lives. A CASA advocate serves as that constant adult and meets with the child regularly to afford greater attention to their needs and desires.

As a concerned community member, you empower the community to care for its children.
Join our efforts as we work to connect all children in foster care in San Benito County with an advocate with a voice of hope.